Frames Why we're different

Value is about price and quality. Smart Specs provides the same high quality frames & lenses as any high street Optician; but at a fraction of the price.

How do we do this?

Smart Specs keep costs low - and then pass on the savings to you. For example, we don't employ Opticians in our stores - and we pass this saving to you in low cost spectacles.

So - how do your eyes get tested?

Everybody in Scotland is entitled to a free eye test every two years; some people get a free eye test every year (depending on family & medical conditions - ask us more in our "contact us" section if you have any questions). You can choose to have your eyes tested at any Optician. After the test; you own the prescription. Just ask for it.

Isn't this a bit rude?

Not at all! It's up to you where you buy your glasses. The Optician is currently paid £37 by the NHS for every sight test carried out... Selling glasses is an added extra - not the bread & butter!

Glasses can cost hundreds of pounds - if you were spending this on anything else, you'd shop around. Why not check out our prices and our wide selection of frames before you commit to a new pair?
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