Making a pair of spectacles
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After the dispensing staff have helped the customer to pick the correct frame and advised on the best type of lenses for their optical prescription, the frame and details are passed to the optical lab for production.
After the lenses have been either sourced from stock or - if required - specially ordered, the lab technician begins the process of producing the finished spectacles for the customer.
Stage One involves the use of a piece of equipment called a Focimeter, this allows the technician to ensure the lenses are the correct power and to set the prescription up using special markings which are required at a later stage of production, as per the customer's requirements.
Stage Two, a template of the customer's chosen frame is made.
Stage Three, the lenses are then blocked up using the frame template and the specialist markings. The lenses are now cut to fit the frame.
Stage Four, a steady hand is now required to ensure intricate hand edging and final fitting for the lenses into the frame. The spectacles are now assembled; the lenses are cleaned and the completed job is put into a case with a complimentary cloth for the customer.
A final inspection is carried out by another member of staff to ensure that the highest level of quality control has been achieved in all stages of production; the customer can now be advised that their spectacles are ready for collection.
Stage 4
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